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Vessel Handling

For Vessel Owners and Charterers who have their vessels calling on any Indian Port, Niki Shipping Serivces offers a comprehensive menu of vessel handling services. From handling heavy shipment to chartering shipment, from consultancy to broking, we cover all the processes related to vessel handling.

Niki Shipping Serivces is a reliable ship’s agent with a 24/7 service and an extensive network of suppliers and service providers is vital to your operations. We can fulfill all of your vessel’s requirements during a port call in almost every indian port with operation base in kandla. Our dedicated team of experienced ship’s agents can guarantee a smooth port call.

Niki Shipping Serivces possess the experience, strength and reliability to ensure vessel operations run efficiently and cost-effectively in any port within India, to ensure this, we give our clients the best possible service. We operate a network of local agency offices whose professional staff are able to attend a vessel anywhere and at anytime. Our Agency Coordinator is always on hand to ensure that the needs of each and every vessel are met as quickly as possible whilst ensuring that the standard of service we offer is second to none.

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